ACSD 2005 : Travel Information

  A view of St Malo   Waves

The MOMPES workshop will be held at
University of Rennes 1,
Campus de Beaulieu,
Rennes,  France


The ACSD conference will be held at the
Palais du Grand Large
St Malo,
Grand Large

Note: a shuttle connection to St Malo will be provided on June 6 from the MOMPES workshop venue (IFSIC/IRISA, University of Rennes 1). The bus should leave IFSIC around 18h30. Note however that this time schedule is only indicative. Check this page regularly to see if the schedule is updated.

Getting to Rennes :

By road : The A 11 and E50  motorways connect Paris and Rennes. Travelling from Paris to Rennes takes approximately 2h45mn.

By train : There are frequent train connections from Paris Montparnasse and Paris Roissy to Rennes. You can consult the timeschedules [here].

By Plane : The closest airport from Rennes is St Jacques airport . There is not public transport from the Airport to Rennes. So, you will probably have to take a taxi to reach Rennes. The usual fee is between 15 and 20 euros.

Getting to St Malo :

By Plane : Dinard airport is located close to StMalo, but very few companies land at Dinard. There is a shuttle from Dinard to St Malo (3 euros), but you can alos take a taxi(approximate fee 14 euros). travel duration : 7mn

By train : There are frequent train connections from Rennes to St Malo. Note however that the tarvel's duration can be long for the distance (up to 1h15mn). To consult timeschedules or book a ticket, follow [this link].

By road from Rennes: St Malo is located 73 km north of Rennes.  Take the R.N. 137 (Traveling from Rennes takes approximately 45 mn).

Road access

Campus de Beaulieu

IRISA/IFSIC is located at the center of the campus. The Campus is located at the east of the city (see this map for more information). Two maps of the campus are provided here and here. You can come from Rennes to the campus by bus. Lines 6,16,40, and 41 stop at the south of the campus, near the main entrance (bus stop "Tournebride"). For more information about the bus lines and schedules, consult the STAR's website.